Terms & Conditions

Rental Terms and Conditions

Rental period

Minimum period of rent is set at one day (24h). The rental price is prepaid prior to the delivery of the bicycle. Company is not obliged to return money for any reason.

Driver's age

The minimum age of the primary leesee is 18 years. It is forbidden to rent a bike of our company to persons under the age of 18 who are not accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Pick-up and return of vehicle

The receipt of the vehicle is made exclusively at the customer's place. Our company is obliged to deliver, and receive the bicycle at the end of the lease from the same place. The delivery areas are: Alykanas, Ammoudi, Psarou, Tragaki, Planos and Tsilivi. Other areas can be arranged only after conciliation. The company will accept liability for damages due to logical use i.e. general wear and tear .The lessee has to return the bike in the same condition and same place by the time that the contract says, if not he has to pay the cost of damages and/or late fees. If the bike is not returned or found by the end of the lease, the lessee is obliged to pay the price of the bicycle unless he has done the private secure with us. The bike must be locked every time it is not supervised.


For security reasons, it is forbidden to rent without the presentation of an official identification document with a photo of the person concerned (AD/Passport/Driving License). If necessary, the presentation and use of a credit card may be requested to rent a bike, even if the rental is paid in cash. Upon delivery of the bicycle the customer agrees, signs and receives the terms and rental contract as appropriate.

Privacy Policy

The company processes the personal data located in the rental system database, respecting the privacy principles laid down by the European General Data Protection Regulation. The information is used to respond to your requests and to provide better service in accordance with this policy. For any questions or recommendations, please contact us at the relevant department of the company. The continuous developments of the internet in general make it necessary to adapt the rules on the protection of network data from time to time. The company has the right to make any appropriate changes to these rules at any time.

Additional facilities

The lessee of the bicycle also receives a helmet, a pump, a pharmacy kit and a bicycle lock for no extra charge of the list prices. Children's seats, extra basket, side bags, speedometer, reflective vests, gloves and mobile stand are available upon request at a small extra charge. The lessee is obliged to return the additional equipment when the bike is delivered in the same condition, otherwise he has to pay its price. Our company also provides assistance and communication from 09:00 to 20:00. For any emergency invoving our lessees including an accident that our bikes involved in, we provide private medical care. The Zante Medical Care Group will respond to your call 24 hours a day. The leesee is liable for any expenses that may arise between Zante Medical and the lessee’s private insurance. If the leesee does not hold any form of travel insurance then he will be liable for any costs of medical treatment provided by Zante Medical.


The occupants may not exceed the permitted number of persons as determined by the manufacturer and the leasing company. The maximum occupants of all of our bicycles is 1 person.

The lessee shall be liable for any damage to the bicycle during the period of this lease and is obliged to come to a restoration settlement immediately; signing upon the return of the declaration of the fault of the damage and the cost of it.

The lessee is obliged to make prudent use of the bicycle, to observe public safety rules, provisions for safe driving and the driving rules.

It is prohibited to hire and use bicycles for persons under the influence of alcohol, illegal substances or drugs affecting the ability to drive.

The company has the right to refuse to hire any bicycle to persons who are in a state of intoxication or under the influence of drugs and/or stimulants.

Eco Motion Rentals shall not be liable for any accidents or damages of passengers and third parties resulting from lessee ‘s faulty behavior; as well as for damage, or damage to foreign property that will occur during the lease which is clearly apparent from the company's kept records. The lessee is totally responsible and no one can ask compensation against our company 'Eco Motion Rentals' for that reason. 

The lessee declares that before the lease he checks the bike and its operation thoroughly to assess its condition. If something is wrong he has the right to refuse the lease.

The lessee is recommended to use a helmet at all times. The use of helmets and special equipment is provided for free on any lease.

Regardless of the above, the company has the right to prohibit the rental of any person, without having any reason to justify that decision.

Administrative expenses

In case of destruction, loss or theft of the bicycle during the lease, the lessee must compensate the company with the following:

The amount of 160,00 € for each Clermont children's bike 24', 26'

The amount of 200,00 € for each teenage bike Clermont 27.5'

The amount of 350,00 € for each Balisticcoaster 1.0 tube

The amount of 250,00 € for each Balistic coaster 1.0

The amount of 250,00 € for each Balistic vitality

Also for the equipment provided in case of total destruction, loss or damage.

The amount of 10,00 € for each helmet

The amount of 30,00 € for each child seat

The amount of 5,00 € for lock, basket, pharmacy or any other product of the equipment provided which will not be returned in its previous condition.

Otherwise, Eco Motion Rentals offers a private insurance for all bikes at 3.00€ per day. This will free all administrative expenses regarding damage to the bike and/or loss of any accessories up to a value of 50.00€, and put in place an excess of 50.00€ for the loss of any bicycle.

*In case of partial damage to the vehicle, the charges for each part orspare part of the bicycle will result from a printed official workshop price list and the lessee is obliged to pay for them.

Payment Methods

The payment of services in our store can be made in cash or by debit or credit card.

*For companies and group rentals in need of an invoice, payment can also be made by bank transfer.


Upon receipt of the vehicle for individual customers, the contract and the above terms and conditions are accepted and signed by the lessee. Without signed terms and conditions neither individual customers nor companies can rent a bicycle. 

The courts shall have jurisdiction for any disagreement.



The management and protection of the personal data of Eco Motion Rentals is subject to these terms, which agree with the national, one-and-only and international law, as applicable, in particular from 25-05-2018 in our country, in accordance to the new General European Regulation 679/2016 on the Protection of Personal Data.

Eco Motion rentals ensures the legal and appropriate protection process, security, integrity and confidentiality of the personal data it receives in order to prevent any non-authorized or illegal access and processing of such data, as well as the accidental loss, destruction or damage of such data, as well as the equipment used for its processing or archiving.

Update privacy terms

Eco Motion Rentals reserves the right to change, revise and update these privacy terms at any time and without notice. The latest updated and revised version is the one and only.

Collection of Personal Data

What data is collected and for what purpose?

Eco Motion Rentals collects personal information of visitors only when they voluntarily provide it, in order to provide the services available. Personal information can be used to identify or communicate with an individual, as well as other information concerning them.

How is personal data information used?

With the consent of visitors we will collect and process their personal data in order to:

- Get in touch with them

- To create a contract with them

- To make a transaction by providing preferential discounts

- Provide them with our services and products

- Verify their identity when using these services

- To respond to issues of support towards them

- Respond to comments or questions submitted on the websites, ask for their feedback, or if they wish, participate in surveys

- To recognize how we improve and customize our websites and the services we provide through the technical analysis of their traffic fields, for example, by shaping the ads that appear on the websites – where this involves the use of cookies or similar technologies – to provide a more personalized experience

- To provide by e-mail, marketing information about products and services that we believe may be of interest to them, after completing their details in an expression of interest form

- Monitor activity on our websites to detect, for example, possible dollar activity and ensure compliance with the terms of use of the websites

- To manage our legal and operational affairs, including the risk management. For purposes required by law

How long will we retain the personal information of our visitors/users?

We retain the personal information of our visitors for as long as necessary in order to provide our services and comply with our legal obligations. In the event that our visitors no longer wish us to use their personal information or provide them with our services, they may apply in writing to delete their personal information. It should be borne in mind that upon requesting the deletion of their personal information, we will retain the information necessary for our legitimate business interests, our compliance with the law, the prevention of fraud, the collection of fees, the resolution of disputes and problems, the improvement of the terms of use and other actions permitted by law. The information we hold will be treated in accordance with this privacy policy.

Eco Motion Rentals warrants that the personal data of its visitors/users will not be used for other purposes, other than those mentioned above in these terms, without their prior information, approval and consent. In addition, Eco Motion Rentals guarantees that they collect the minimum information necessary for the specific purpose and time of processing. Only relevant and appropriate personal data will be collected. If the date requires any updates, or if information is inaccurate or needs deleting, it will be done in accordance with the applicable General European Regulation.

How do we keep the personal data of our visitors/users secure?

We store personal information on secure servers managed by our service providers, as well as occasional files kept in a secure location in Greece. 

Rights of subjective personal data

The visitor can contact the administrator to request:

- Access to his personal data, in a structured, widely used and machine-readable form

- The review of his personal information

- Correcting incorrect/inaccurate data, and supplementing incomplete information 

- Deleting data 

- Restricting the processing of data 

- The withdrawal of his consent to process his data. The revocation will not affect the lawfulness of the processing, which was based on its consent for the period prior to its withdrawal

- The notification to him of the categories of data and the way in which its data are processed, the purposes of its processing, the addressees, the period of time of their storage, the criteria for storing it, the origin of the data, any existence of automated decision-making, including the development of profiles

- Oppose at any time and for reasons related to his particular situation, to the processing of his personal data

- Oppose at any time the processing of his personal data when processed for direct marketing purposes, including profiling

- To obtain the personal data provided to Eco Motion Rentals, and to forward it to another controller without our objection. Or to request the direct transmission of his personal data by us to another controller

- To submit a complaint; either to our company by sending us an e-mail, or to a competent supervisory authority

The above rights are limited in some cases if we are legally obliged to process the personal information of our visitors. It may therefore, in individual cases, be required to retain certain elements of them, even after their consent has been withdrawn.

Where the provision of the personal information of our visitors is required to comply with legal or contractual obligations, then the provision of such data is mandatory. If such data is not provided, then we will not be able to manage our contractual relationship with them or fulfill the obligations assigned to us.

Web Analytics

When users visit the Eco Motion Rentals website, some of their information is recorded anonymously and does not reveal their identity:

- The IP address or proxy IP address

- The domain name requested

- The name of the internet service provider, depending on the configuration of the ISP connection

- The date and time of visit to the site

- Duration of their session

- The pages that they have accessed

- The number of times they have accessed our websites within any month

- The URL of any files they view, and the information associated with this website that refers them to our websites and the operating system used by their computer

- The processing of personal data for STATISTICAL REASONS

Eco Motion Rentals may process part or all of the data sent by visitors for statistical purposes and improvement of its services, with the consent of its visitors/users. Eco Motion Rentals collects visitor identification information on its websites using corresponding technologies such as cookies and/or Internet Protocol (IP) address tracking.

Eco Motion Rentals informs visitors to its website that COOKIES are small files stored on each visitor/user's hard drive and do have any involvement with any document or file from their computer. They are used to facilitate access in terms of the use of specific services and/or pages of websites for statistical purposes, and to define the fields that are useful or popular. This information may also include the type of browser that the visitor uses, the type of computer, its operating system, the providers of internet services and other information.

The visitor of the websites may set his web cookies browser program in such a way that he or she does not allow the acceptance of the use of cookies under given circumstances. 

Sharing of personal data to third parties

Eco Motion Rentals will not make available, transmit or disclose personal information of visitors to third parties which are not relative without their consent; except for its response to legal obligations to the competent public authorities.

We may disclose the personal information of our visitors to all persons of our compan; to the supporting systems for the processing of such data, to our insurance company, to our financial institution, to institutions that provide services on our behalf, and to any other person to whom we are obliged to disclose to by court order.

In any case, Eco Motion Rentals takes the necessary steps to ensure that all personal data information transmitted receives an acceptable level of protection.

In the event of entrusting the execution of the processing to third parties and/or transmission of the data to countries outside the European Union, Eco Motion Rentals shall inform the data subject in advance and ensure that appropriate safeguards are provided for the protection of personal data and that appropriate technical and organizational measures are implemented in terms of expertise, reliability and resources in such a way that the processing is lawful and ensures the protection of the rights of data subjects and the appropriate level of security against risks.

Liability for registration of verified personal data by users/visitors

Eco Motion Rentals customers are solely responsible for any registration of third person’s personal data on our websites without the consent/consent of the third party, as well as for the submission of false, untrue or inaccurate data, and data for the purpose of deception.

Eco Motion Rentals reserves the right to; request compensation from the visitor/user if it suffers any damage from the violation of these terms, to refuse to provide a password, to cancel a registered password or to terminate the provision of the services to that visitor/user.


If you have any queries regarding our T's&C's then please don't hesitate to contact us.