If being shown around is your idea of a good bike ride, why not join one of our guided trips. These can be totally personalised to your needs. We cover the areas of Alykes, Alykanas, Amoudi, Psarou, Pigadakia, Tragaki and Tsilivi. Whether you would like to spend your time getting the best photos, give yourself a challenge with some tougher terrain, or just check out a selection of the local beaches, our local knowledge and expertise will be sure to give you an experience you will not forget. 


If you prefer to do your own thing, but you would still like some advice to ensure you don't miss anything, then please don't hesitate to ask us for route suggestions. 
Why not head to a local taverna for some lunch. Maybe you would like to see some of the local wildlife. Or maybe you'd like to see the best parts of our main town centre. We would be more than happy to share with you the hidden treasures, and best bits of our beautiful island.

Cycling holiday planning

If you are renting a bicycle for multiple days, we can offer you an exclusive individual cycle plan for durations of more than 2 days. Whether or not you know the things you would like to see, or if you want us to design you a plan based purely on your areas of interest; with various ages, and over 150 years of knowledge between us, we can create you the perfect programme.
Prices start at 5e per day.









Stay Safe!


  • Respect other cyclists and pedestrians and always follow the KOK
  • Drive defnsively assuming that others don't see you
  • Always wear a helmet
  • Wear bright clothing to help you be noticed; especially at night
  • Always check the bike before use
  • Use the bike path if available and cycle on the right side
  • Use approved hand signals to turn and stop
  • Pay particular attention to vehicles that have blid spots; especially car doors
  • Always use the front and rear lights when cycling after sunset
  • Use your bell only when necessary
  • Be kind


  • Compete with others while cycling
  • Violate priorities and traffic lights
  • Drive under the influence of alcohol or other substances
  • Abrubtly change your course
  • Drive in the opposite direction of traffic
  • Carry other passengers or heavy items
  • Use the bicycle inappropriately
  • Use roads that may cause damage to the bike and therefore potential accident to the rider
  • Use your phone while riding
  • Use the bike at night without lights
  • Ride while using headphones

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